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D.L Arte is a leading Italian company in the field of contemporary art. founded by Giuseppe Lezzi, it moves within the perimeter of artistic figuration. The initial goal of the business was to create a gallery different from the others, scattered throughout the territory, that could reach potential collectors in the easiest and most direct way.


D.L.Arte spa has a structure that employs in-house staff and art promoters whose role is to provide collectors with the advice they need to make the best choices in terms of investment and diversification of their portfolios.


there are now thousands of clients, mainly professionals and entrepreneurs, who have chosen to rely on D.L.Arte spa to enter the art world.





To optimize all phases of D.L ARTE’s warehouse management, JData provided JSeven WMS, the software that enables optimization of warehouse logistics.


JSeven WMS is an indispensable tool for organizing and monitoring space within the warehouse, the internal storage phase, inventory, and shipment to the end customer.


Through customization work, the tool is adaptable to any business reality from the most complex to the most sectoral.