Evo Logistics Srl is a company based in Parma, young but with deep roots in the past thanks to the expertise of its experts in the logistics and transportation sector in the cold food chain.


It offers advanced logistic services, with the ability to monitor product temperatures in real-time. It also handles shipping throughout the national territory.


Thanks to the experience of their collaborators and the implementation of traceability policies, they operate efficiently and dynamically.





To ensure logistic efficiency and appropriate delivery times, Evo Logistics has chosen to implement our software JSeven, complete with WMS (Warehouse Management System) and TMS (Transportation Management System).


Our solution has facilitated real-time communication among all actors involved in logistics and transportation activities, ensuring the monitoring and traceability of packages, as well as optimal management of spaces within the warehouse, all in a subzero environment with the ability to distinguish codes.


Additionally, our software enables the optimization of deadline management through “FIFO” location logic, particularly crucial in the frozen food sector given the speed required by this market.


Finally, JSeven has been configured on Android tablets placed directly on forklifts, simplifying and making all logistic operations more efficient.