Inox Laghi is a company specializing in stainless steel technical items. Thanks to the versatility of the product, the business goes on to offer a complete proposal for all the main industrial sectors: from chemical to pharmaceutical to textile.


Technology and innovation are the company’s strengths, which are applied to all stages of the production cycle, right up to the production of the finished product.





The support of JData and the installation of JSeven WMS management software, have greatly optimized the management of goods in and out of the warehouse.


Through this specific application it is possible to simplify the storage and searchability of products from the very beginning, allowing an increase in efficiency and business organization.


To go against the customer’s needs, specific customization was performed to the software. A graphical interface was created with the inclusion of a weighing scale to simplify procedures and an automatic warehouse to speed up industrial processes.





For the client Inox Laghi, we were responsible for the supply of industrial thermal printers and related consumables (labels and ribbons) in order to organize and optimize business workflows.