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Logint Srl is a company located in the Bergamo area specializing in third-party logistics for companies. Thanks to its logistics services, Logint can plan, implement and control the progress and conditions of the flow of goods and their storage.


The company also handles the packaging of products and their shipment, as well as the complete traceability of the shipment itself.





To support Logint’s warehouse in all its operational phases, JData has provided JSeven WMS the software to manage and optimize warehouse logistics.


JSeven WMS is an indispensable tool for optimizing and monitoring spaces within the warehouse, with the possibility of being verticalized according to different customer needs.


Through customization work, it was possible to adapt the software to the specific needs of the Logint customer, including integration with their SAP ERP system.


Thanks to technical support, it was possible to:


 Import files useful for recording movements performed on the ERP side in JSeven, to maintain stock alignment between ERP and WMS; as an example: virtual warehouse changes (Storage Location) are tracked. Successful monitoring is critical for prompt action in case of errors in imported data; for this, JData and the customer figures in charge are promptly notified by e-mail with error details.


• Monitoring of import processing does not stop there. In order to limit human error as much as possible, in the event of an intervention in the face of a notification, there is a lock on the import of the ERP file which prevents an already imported data from being fed back into the system generating a possible mismatch between ERP and WMS. In case JSeven detects errors in some parts of a file consisting of several movements, it is partially processed; a subsequent reprocessing (submitted manually) then allows excluding the parts of the file that have already been processed and reprocessing those that went wrong previously.


•  In addition to the possibility of transferring information from SAP to the WMS, the reverse option has also been implemented, which allows the transfer of data from the warehouse software to the ERP management system, for continuous and timely interaction between the parties.


• Finally, at the customer’s request, the ability to read item serials only on exit has been integrated, with a double check on the format of the bar code read as verification of the correctness of the outgoing goods




To take full advantage of the features of JSeven WMS, hardware devices (terminals and barcode printers) in UMTS version were provided to the client to work in real time on the move, since the client does not currently have a Wi-Fi network.