Founded in the 2000s in Milan, Messina Autotrasporti is today a point of reference in the field of logistics, distribution, warehousing and in the manpower of highly specialized personnel in transportation. A success made possible by the company’s continuous commitment, flexibility and dynamism that has led it, over the years, to establish itself as a reliable partner for all its customers.





Messina Autotrasporti, decided to rely on JData for a 360-degree management of logistics and transport, which is essential to meet the challenges of a market that today requires more and more competitiveness and efficiency.


Therefore, for the client, we considered it essential to promote the total integration of the IT system and all business processes through the introduction of JSEVEN, an application that encompasses WMS (Warehouse Management System) and TMS (Transportation Management System) functions in a single solution.


This solution has enabled real-time communication between all actors involved in logistics and transportation activities, ensuring the monitoring and traceability of packages as well as proper management of space within the warehouse.


In light of the results so far and with the goal of maintaining a trusting relationship with the customer, several customizations have been implemented including:


• The exchange of files (EDI) to manage order flows and feed item master data.


• The optimization of print documents in order to provide added value with the completeness of information.


• The optimization of the map and locations to respond positively to the needs of the warehouse and operators.