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Monier Ltd. is a world-leading company in the field of roofing and building material supplies, industrial roofing and protection.


It is currently a member of BMI group, an internationally recognized association composed of the best industrial activities in the field.


The business offers different designs in line with customer requirements, from pitched to flat roofing, and offers a very wide selection of materials that can be applied to its designs.





To support the activity of Monier srl, JData has provided its management software Jseven WMS. The application deals with managing and optimizing warehouse logistics.


Jseven WMS is an indispensable tool for optimizing and monitoring spaces within the warehouse, with the possibility of being verticalized according to different customer needs.


The software goes a long way in simplifying the storage and searchability of products, allowing for increased efficiency and business organization.





In addition to the software component, JData has also provided the technical tools useful for business performance.


The proposed terminals are equipped with barcode readers that enable simplified warehouse management. Each product is equipped with a SIM card, granting greater autonomy to the individual warehouseman.