Rima Gluten Free is a business located near Monza that has been concerned for years with the well-being and health of those who must consume gluten-free foods.


Its business goal is to give more options to those individuals who suffer from food intolerances, helping them in a more conscious purchasing choice.


In addition to a huge selection of gluten-free products such as bread, pasta and derivatives, the store also offers a wide variety of dry and fresh products (both sweet and savory) to meet the needs of all its customers.





For Rima Gluten Free, we opted to install Slippy, our management software for companies and stores. This tool, in fact, allows a complete and efficient management of master records (customers, suppliers and items) and optimizes the organization of sales, cash point and warehouse.



The software allows 360-degree control of all business information, ensuring the pursuit of a targeted and effective strategy for managing tax deadlines.



The program’s flexibility allows a high level of adaptability to any business establishment, from generalist to more specific ones.



Made to be used to its fullest functionality, the application appears intuitive and simple, with from an immediately understandable graphical interface and high application potential.


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