Stella Trasporti is a transportation and logistics business that offers itself on the national market as a company specializing in logistics and distribution of goods.


The company is characterized by the use of state-of-the-art computer systems which, go to improve the effectiveness of various production processes and allow for greater control of warehouse inventory.





To improve the efficiency of its services, JData has provided Stella Trasporti with its management software JSEVEN, a platform specialized in logistics and transportation management.


JSEVEN is an indispensable tool for optimizing and monitoring space within the warehouse, with the ability to be customized to the customer’s specific needs.


The software goes to simplify the storage and searchability of products, enabling improved business organization.


In addition to the WMS Module and in order to support the transfer and planning of goods in transit, Stella also requested the activation of the TMS Module so as to manage transport logistics and all shipping processes, centrally from a single platform.


The application takes on the task of monitoring and controlling the shipment of goods from product pickup to the point of pickup. Among the services offered, a strong point is the capillary traceability of packages, which allows in-depth control of the shipment status and the exact location of products at all time





To support the software component, hardware instrumentation useful for improving business performance, both within the warehouse and during transport, has also been provided.


New barcode terminals, PCs, scanners and industrial printers (as well as all necessary consumables) have in fact enabled simplified and efficient logistics management.


Conveyors, on the other hand, have been equipped with PDAs (complete with SIM) to electronically monitor all logistics operations, documents, etc. Similar to modern smartphones, they allow easy acquisition of proof of delivery (POD), ensure faster data entry and provide complete visibility of the status of pickups and deliveries.