JSeven WMS

Software platform for the logistic management of warehouse

JSeven WMS integrates itself perfectly in any company, becoming an indispensable and effective instrument for controlling and monitoring of goods and spaces. It offers complete logistic management with total traceability of handling products, load units and stock. It identifies the product at each stage of the production cycle, with reduced Storing and Picking times.

  • Control and traceability of the carried out and foreseen activities
  • Stock indexes ageing, rotation, performance & productivity
  • Serial and batches no management
  • Integrated logics of warehousing, picking and resource optimization
  • WEB, OnDemand / OnPremise, S.a.S., Cost Reduction (T.C.O.)
  • Real-time delivery information (ERP, Business Intelligence, Web Service)

Main information

  • Real time operations
  • Products traceability
  • FIFO, FEFO, LIFO etc. management
  • Serial, expiry date, batches no management
  • Exchange data with the corporate ERP


  • Multi plant and Multi warehouse
  • Mapping of the position into the ward
  • Mapping of the load cells


  • Acceptance of goods from the production dpt., third parties, customers returns
  • Quantity and quality control
  • Quarantine management
  • Making Unit Load
  • Cross docking


  • Suggested location according to defined rules
  • Storage with predefined rules
  • Entry of multiple loading units in the same time


  • Loading, unloading and transferring
  • Updated inventory during the operation
  • Refilling picking location
  • Handling reasons
  • Routing optimization

Output Planning

  • Processing of the taking list
  • Grouping customer orders
  • Creation and assignment of the mission
  • Indication of quantity and sampling location
  • Mission advancement viewing


  • Grouping of the split orders
  • Allocation of the orders
  • Load Units mono/multi reference creating
  • Weighing scale interface
  • Packing list creating
  • Load units label printing
  • Transport document printing
  • Final check of the goods

La piattaforma può essere interfacciata con altri sistemi gestionali per l’acquisizione delle informazioni, così come i documenti prodotti dal sistema possono essere esportati verso sistemi gestionali ERP. La configurazione standard prevede un modulo radiofrequenza adibito alla gestione delle seguenti fasi di lavoro: accettazione/ricevimento merci, assegnazione ubicazione, evasione lista di prelievo, creazione documenti di spedizione inventario.


L’ordine di prelievo può essere registrato direttamente dal cliente, attraverso delle maschere WEB che propongono in tempo reale il massimo livello di dettaglio dei prodotti.

  • La nostra piattaforma è interfacciabile anche con diversi portali di E-Commerce.

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