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Slippy software manages all functions in your business, from the customer lists to warehouse, moving from order management to counter sales. It represents an innovative and integrated IT solution that allow a total management of business information, thus becoming a valuable instrument for implementing business strategies. It is able to manage the company in a simple, accurate, intelligent and interactive way.


Slippy can be best used by even the most inexperienced people to interact with visual environments. It comes with a graphical interface of immediate understanding and great application potential


The advanced windowing system on multiple levels allows anyone to operate in parallel, without wasting time. Slippy guarantees high flexibility and it fits perfectly to your business reality. It has modules capable of responding to any needs. Thanks to its multiple controls, it ensures the highest level of control over the information of each department, keeping it perfectly aligned with your growth and development process.

  • Complete and easy-to-use software
  • Modular, suitable for any need and in line with future changes
  • Scalable, it follows your growth process


  • Customers list
  • Suppliers list
  • Products list
  • Basic tables
  • Chart of accounts management
  • Delivery notes management
  • Invoicing management


  • Management of stores movements
  • Enhanced inventories
  • Orders management (Customers – Suppliers)
  • Low stock situations
  • Offers to customers management
  • Stores statistics management
  • Connection with portable devices and barcode readers
  • Printing product labels


  • Connection with cash registers
  • Connection with barcode readers
  • Payments management: POS / Cash / Cheque


  • Chart of accounts by customers / suppliers / general
  • Accounting maturity management
  • Account settlement management with automatic closure of the payment schedule
  • Query and printing of the statement of accounts
  • Query and printing analytic and synthetic trial balance
  • Bills portfolio management
  • Printing balances for customers and suppliers

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