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Assistance and Services

"Technology should improve your life, not become your life"

Harvey B. Mackay


JData offers a hardware/software service with different types of contracts:

  • Hardware Support
  • Software maintanance and servicing (with a number of hours to surmount)
  • Helpdesk Assistance contract


JData offers the possibility to conclude long-term contracts with its customers for the maintenance of terminals, printers and barcode readers, ensuring timing of repair to suit different needs.


Among the various contractual options, the customer can always add:


  • KASCO OPTION: provides coverage for accidental damage or equipment crushing
  • SWAP OPTION: provides temporary replacement (during the repair period) with other devices with equivalent functionality

MAINTENANCE AND SERVICING CONTRACT with a number of hours to surmount

It consists of an Online / On-site support, to resolve software problems, which provides a fixed number of hours pre-established with the customer, valid at the time of the contract stipulation, with a duration of 12 (twelve) months from the date of its signing. Those hours can be renewed on expiry


The service can also be provided using a software, which allows remote operation without the intervention of the technical staff close to the company / customer locations, greatly reducing service times


Each customer can choose an own personalized formula, with a different hour amount


It consists of an online service agreement, for the resolution of software issues that may also include phone support.


Service comes using a software, which allows remote operation without the intervention of the technical staff.


The online intervention timing, will be established under commercial negotiation, depending on customer needs.


Thanks to the specialized technical workshop and in cooperation with several distributors and partners, JData is able to offer assistance on major brands operating in the logistics sector as well as to program On-site repairs close to your companies, for a prompt resolution of any problems.


Our technicians can answer promptly to every request and offer timely repair timing, due to the wide availability of spare parts of major brands on the market.



Our lab provides service and repair assistance for any type and brand of device, related to the world of traceability and automatic identification: barcode printers and readers, palmtop, to be worn or in-vehicle phones, voice terminals, and wireless infrastructures. In addition, thanks to the ten-year experience in this industry, it offers the possibility to have repair and/or regeneration of obsolete terminals assistance and, early as possible, even for those one out of production


JData set itself as the only referent for all maintenance and assistance activities.



In some mixed base of already installed hardware, previous agreements, the customer can send to our laboratory the equipment of any type and brand, for assistance. The repaired and in perfect working order material will be returned in accordance with the expected time, cost and quality level.



  • Single contact point for any needs
  • Tailor-made assistance contract
  • Guarateed repair and service time
  • Immediate replacement of the defective devices, with SWAP contract
  • Personalized setting of devices and printers


JData is a company specialised in the integration and optimization of resources and operational processes that characterize the logistics and transport chain. Therefore, we provide our customers with a contribution throughout the supply chain with appropriate actions on supply, inventory management, organization of the warehouse, transport and intralogistics processes planning.


Specifically, JData pays a special attention to the use of advanced instruments that by implementing complex analysis, further certify and ratify the results of the projects




Our success in consulting logistics is the result both of the outcomes obtained by our customers, in terms of performance improvement and skills development, and the building of lasting relationships, based on transparency, collaboration and confidence.


Choosing a logistics partner is an important decision in a company’s strategy because it means relying on the outcome of your job at an outside company.

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