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Emme Pro Srl is a wholesaler of personal hygiene items, kitchen products and household cleaning. The business offers disposable solutions for industrial activities such as bars and restaurants, as well as commercial establishments such as hairdressers and beauticians.


Always attentive to the needs of its customers, it offers a very wide assortment of products so that it can guarantee an ever-increasing choice both in terms of price (from economy to branded lines) and variety of items.





In support of the organizational phases of Emme Pro s.r.l., JData provided JSeven WMS, the software that allows to manage and optimize warehouse logistics.


JSeven WMS is a key tool for optimizing and monitoring space within the warehouse, the internal handling phase of packages, inventory and shipment to the end customer.


Thanks to JData’s intervention, it was possible to increase efficiency and business organization. Thanks to the customized cash and carry functionality JData enabled the customer to optimize also the whole part of direct sales in the company.





To support the customer in the management and control of the warehouse, we decided to install a radio frequency coverage system, which, through a wireless and wireless communication mode, ensures real-time access to information from any point in the warehouse.


The implementation of the system was the result of several radio surveys that made it possible to better study the business environment and offer a customized service according to the needs of the company. JData also took care of the configuration of the access points always in order to provide the customer with real-time stock control.