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Voice Picking: transforming logistics through technology.

Voice technology, also known as voice picking or voice-directed picking, is a system used in warehouse logistics to improve efficiency and accuracy in order fulfillment.

It involves the use of voice instructions provided to warehouse employees through wireless communication devices, such as headsets and microphones, enabling them to verbally interact with the computer system.

Voice and WMS for efficient and fast logistics.

Voice technology can be integrated with the warehouse management system, enabling direct communication between operators and the computer system itself, ensuring accurate traceability of picking operations and providing real-time data on stock and inventory status.

The main objective of voice technology is to simplify and optimize the process of picking items from the warehouse. Employees receive voice instructions on the locations of the items to be picked and the required quantity, and they confirm the execution of tasks through voice commands. The information is then transmitted to the WMS using a portable or wearable device, eliminating the need for paper or manual devices.

What are the benefits?

There are several benefits associated with the use of voice technologies in logistics. Firstly, there is improved accuracy during the picking process, resulting in a reduction of human errors. Employees can focus on voice instructions instead of reading or looking at screens, thereby reducing the risk of shipping the wrong items or making inventory mistakes.

Moreover, voice technology enhances the productivity and efficiency of warehouse staff as it allows for hands-free operation during picking. Employees can move freely within the warehouse without needing to consult documents or manual devices, enabling them to complete tasks quickly. Lastly, the interaction between voice technology and the WMS provides greater visibility into activity and inventory status, enabling accurate forecasting and analysis. This reduces the risk of stockouts and facilitates effective warehouse management processes.

Is voice technology the right choice?

The answer is no, as it is important to conduct a proper analysis of the installation environment in which you want to consider this solution. For example, if it is a noisy or echo-prone location, it could compromise the clarity of the voice instructions. It will also be important to assess the scalability of the system and ensure that it can handle increasing warehouse activity volume and the number of voice operators without compromising overall performance.

The implementation of voice technology therefore requires an adaptation of existing operational processes, and it will be necessary to consider the time and resources required for training and process adaptation.