Jeilog TMS

Software platform for Transport companies

It integrates perfectly with any business reality, becoming an indispensable instrument to monitoring and tracking shipments. It offers a complete management of the transport chain with full traceability of the handling of vehicles and packages. It Identifies the goods at each stage of processing, from pick up to delivery to the recipient’s address.

  • High traceability of packages
  • APP Mobile to get delivery data anywhere and error-free
  • Maps Integration & POD Management
  • WEB Delivery Tracking


  • Management pick up/delivery outcomes
  • Management of active/passive bonuses
  • Correspondent’s zone management
  • Active/passive contracts
  • COD, receipt of payment


  • Automatic stockholding
  • Automatic import of delivery notes, waybills
  • Detailed Tracking
  • Detailed stock layouts
  • Automatic forwarding of delivery report
  • Automatic forwarding Borderaux (grouping of several waybills in the same journey)
  • Activating WEB consultation area for customers
  • Tracking querying
  • Stock querying
  • Inserting and displaying pick up orders
  • Shipment querying for period or region


  • Periodic summaries printing, for customers invoicing
  • Pre-invoicing management by suppliers
  • Synthetic or analytic invoicing management
  • Bonuses and several services management
  • Customers tariff and simulations plans management


  • Statistics management
  • Entrusted goods according to weight zones
  • Cost/Revenue (Balance)
  • Detailed bill of the goods in transit
  • Bill of turnover by company, period, region, province
  • Bill of delivery times

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